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you can’t go back and
change the beginning, but 

you can start where you are and change the ending.

– CS Lewis

wellness coaching


Have you been diagnosed with a chronic condition like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS, or Adrenal Fatigue? Are you feeling lost and alone in your pain? Struggling to know what to do next? I know how you feel. I’ve been where you are. And that’s why I’m here to help you find the answers you are looking for. Have you ever REALLY talked with someone about your well-being and received the personal attention you deserve?


You as a person are at the centre of my approach to wellness coaching.

I am a Holistic Health Coach with 25 years of personal experience in overcoming stress and chronic illness.  While there are many health and nutrition experts out there, you will find few who can relate at this level and have personal experience with what you are going through. I work with amazing, generous women, who have given so much to their job, family, friends or all the above, that their own health has suffered as a consequence.  Women who want to be bounding with energy, reduce stress, feel in control, work less, feel confident in their body, build lasting relationships, find their passion and feel well again.

Your body is capable of healing itself of almost anything.

Your body is a powerful centre of healing. But only if you invest in giving it the physical and emotional nourishment it needs. To invest in yourself, and your own health and happiness, you need to start by focusing on you. And that’s what we will do. We’ll talk together, laugh together, maybe even cry together. We’ll work to understand what the real issues are – and then put together a tailor-made plan that will work for you. You don’t deserve anything less. But the first step is down to you.


Could one conversation change your life? Let’s chat.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to replace any medical advice, always seek the advice of a doctor first for any condition you have.

Support & Coaching for Chronic Health Conditions

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia Support 

Why am I so passionate about wellness coaching?

Because I’ve been where you are.


I was only 20 when my body decided to literally shut down all energy production at a cellular level and go on strike. I had Chronic Fatigue, hyperactive thyroid, polycystic ovaries, candida, IBS and widespread body pain.


I spent most of my 20’s and 30’s feeling like I just survived one day to the next. I began to realise that there was no ‘pill’ or doctor that could fix me. It took me decades to get it into this state, so it wasn’t going to change overnight. So, the ultimate problem solver that I am (thanks dad for that skill), I decided I would take my health into my own hands and find a solution.


I realised I had to take responsibility for my own well-being (well, no one else was going to!). While it was not my ‘fault’ that I had these health issues, it was my responsibility how I responded to them, and what steps I took. I refused to be defeated, so I fought back… and I still am, each and every day. It’s a journey that has taught me a lot, and I use that knowledge and experience to help you.

what to expect.


My approach is focussed on both physical and mental health. Why? Because both my personal and professional experience have shown me that when you look beneath the surface, the symptoms we’re conscious of are usually caused by more deep-seated problems that we’re not conscious of. Whether it’s a strained relationship, stress at work, or just doing too much to keep everybody else happy, these things can all contribute to poor health. Wellness coaching helps us to address some of the common root causes or contributors of chronic illness, including unconscious beliefs.

Session will be conducted in a safe, comfortable environment where you feel you can explore anything without fear of judgment or embarrassment. I am fun, practical and down to earth – and that’s exactly how you can expect sessions with me to be.


Start your journey with a free consultation

Whatever you are dealing with, I’m really glad you found me. Let’s chat.   

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