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you can’t go back and
change the beginning, but 

you can start where you are and change the ending.

– CS Lewis

my approach

You as a person are at the centre of my approach to therapy.

When life is a struggle, it can be surprisingly helpful to speak to someone who really listens, carefully, warmly, and without judgement. It can be a starting point to finding a way forward, especially if it is currently difficult to speak to those around you or you’re going around in circles with an intractable issue.


My approach is to work alongside you to help you achieve your objectives and to help you develop a more understanding and accepting relationship to yourself.  Ultimately everyone is their own life expert. By working together, we can help fine tune this expertise to deliver on what brings you into therapy.


Cherie James | My-Approach | Cognitive Hypnotherapy

All my work is based on four simple principles:


All behaviour has a positive intention. 

Our subconscious is trying to protect us all the time from what it perceives as a threat. So its intention is right, but the outcome often isn’t. Around 90% of what we do is unconsciously driven, and not all these natural responses to experiences are helpful.


We are all doing the best we can with what we have available

Everyone has arrived at their issue through a series of experiences that have shaped (programmed) their minds in a unique way. QCH Therapy helps us to change this unconscious programming that affects our behaviour and holds us back.


Trance is something we do every day, without realising

We all go in and out of trance every day, often without realising. And when we are ‘doing’ our ‘problem’ we are in this trance state too. It works by ‘de-hypnotising’ us – to change the way we think and behave toward our particular problem.


You have everything you need within, to create the life you want

You are the expert on your life. Guided by an experienced practitioner, Cognitive Hypnotherapy provides you with the tools, knowledge, and skills you need to take back control of your own thoughts, behaviours, and feelings.

what to expect.

Your treatment plan will be tailored to your specific individual needs and goals and will be conducted in a safe, comfortable environment where you feel you can explore anything without fear of judgment or embarrassment. I am fun, practical and down to earth – and that’s exactly how you can expect sessions with me to be.


Start your journey with a free consultation

Whatever you are dealing with, I’m really glad you found me. Let’s chat.   

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